Best Coldpress Juicer – Omega J8006 Juicer


Having a cold press juicer in your home allows you to make a plethora of new creations. However, with so many to choose, which one should you invest in? I have the simple answer for you: The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer. No other cold press juicer (or masticating juicer) can compare to this one as recommended by

For starters, this nutrition center processes at a very low speed of 80 RPMs. This is important for a couple of reasons. One, this prevents foaming and clogging. Secondly, this low speed actually protects healthy enzymes, allows the juice to be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation and prevents oxidation. Don’t be fooled, though, Omega did not forget about power! Incorporated in this juicer are a GE Ultem Auger (which is much stronger than most plastics) and a gear reduction that is on par with a 2HP motor. You would think, though, that this much power would make it obnoxiously noisy. This is not the case as it is quiet in operation and won’t rupture your ear drums.

Only the Best Juice

The true kicker of the J8006 Nutrition Center is its dual stage juicing mechanic. What happens is first the juice is extracted from whatever fruit or vegetable you put inside of it. Then, during the second pressing stage, the pulp is squeezed. The end result is more juice for you and a very dry pulp. You can also take pleasure in knowing that your juice will be safe (granted that whatever you put inside it is safe) because Omega’s juicer is UL and cUL approved.

Extraordinary Amount of Possibilities

Omega couldn’t have been more precise when dubbing this a nutrition center. I can hardly believe the amount of meals and drinks that you can create with this juicer. Obviously, (you probably already assumed this one) you can juice all different kinds of fruits and vegetables to make delicious drinks and shakes. With the included pasta nozzles, you can also extrude homemade spaghetti, breadsticks, and linguini. All different kinds of natural products (pine tree needles, spinach, kale, cabbage and wheatgrass) can be processed and juiced, as well.

Not only can you juice with this masterpiece, but you can also grind and chop certain foods. There is a food processing attachment and you can grind up coffee beans, red peppers, garlic, ginger and various other foods. Don’t worry, Omega didn’t forget about dessert. You can use the homogenizer attachment to make nut butter, frozen delights and any other delicious dessert that you can think of. Trust me, you can really get creative with this!

I don’t like this part, but I do have one bad thing to say. However, it’s really not that big of a deal and you probably already assumed it. You are going to have to clean this beast and if you don’t, the plastic on the cubs can start to stain. If you’re not too lazy, though, this won’t be an issue. I have said all that there needs to be said, so head over to Amazon to invest in this J8006 Nutrition Center.


First Runner-Up – SKG Slow Masticating Juicer

I always deem it necessary to offer alternatives to a product I recommend. I do this because not everyone thinks as I do. With this in mind, the first of my alternatives is a terrific juicer from SKG. Their anti-oxidation juicer actually processes at an even lower RPM of 60, even though 80 does a perfect enough job. It also does a terrific job of preventing oxidation (hence the name) with its top quality motor, wide chute and sealed juicing space.

As a juicer, this may be on par with the Omega J8006. However, this doesn’t work quite as good as a nutrition center as Omega’s does. If your ingredients are too hard, then the company warns that the juicer can break. This is just a little something to keep in mind.

Second Runner-Up – Breville Juice Fountain Cold

What the Breville Juice Fountain Cold excels at is making juice at an alarming rate. Through the Elevated Juicing System, you can make up to two liters of juice in one serving. The technology incorporated in this juicer allows the ingredients inside to be filtered through a micro-mesh filter. What this does is ensure that the temperature transfer is always where it should be. The motor is also terrific as it combines efficiency and power to generate up to 13000 RPMs.

The Fountain Cold does a great job with softer and smaller ingredients. However, it can struggle with root vegetables and apples. What happens is little chunks are left behind, which could be a major downside for you.

Third Runner-Up – Tribest Greenstar Elite Cold Press Juicer

The most noteworthy feature of the Greenstar Cold Press Juicer from Tribest is that it’s portable. Sure, you can make all of the other models portable if you really wanted to, but this juicer actually has a sure-grip handle for easy movability. It also has very small parts which make disassembling it significantly easier than other models. Oh yeah, this makes pretty good juice, as well! The end result is extremely smooth juice that is very rich in flavor.

This really is an outstanding piece of equipment, but it tends to be a little more expensive than the rest of the competition. You may want to stay away unless money isn’t an issue for you!

The Omega J8006 is the Leader of the Pack

At this point, you know how I feel about the Omega J8006 and you should feel the same. All of the foods and drinks you can muster up, the quality of the juice you create, the efficiency and power, and the ability to leave your juice stored for up to 72 hours make me entirely positive that you will not find another juicer as good as this one. I’m telling you, all you have to do is go to Amazon and purchase this bad boy. Once you do this, there is no way your life will ever be the same!