Which Is Better – Fresh, Juiced or Blended?


This seems to be a question that a lot of people ask when it comes to deciding on whether to start juicing or not. There have been many different “studies” that claim that one or the other is better and therefore a person should adopt their practice. However, eating fresh,  juicing or blending vegetables or fruits is not any better than the other.






When you juice fruits and vegetables you are extracting the juice from the produce which results in a drink full of vitamins and minerals and also phytonutrients. It is a good option for those who are not good at getting their fruits and vegetables into their diets as you can pack a lot into just one cup of juice. However, the healthy fiber from those fruits and vegetables are lost.

When you juice, the nutrients that are extracted are more easily digested and absorbed, however, it is easy to get too much sugar as the juice contains a lot of natural sugar that the fiber would otherwise help counteract. So, you do need to be careful as it could end up adding extra calories that you were not counting on if you are hoping that juicing will help you lose weight (check out https://ladybossreview.com for other ideas).


Eating Fresh


There is nothing like fresh fruits and vegetable. You are getting all the goodness from the produce without losing anything. The only thing that may be hard is making sure that you are getting enough every day. A great way to add more to your diet is by mixing them into meals. Some examples of doing this are: grate carrots into a casserole as a filler, adding spinach to your spaghetti sauce, seared pear slices on top of chicken breast or adding chopped fruit to a salad.




The other alternative to juicing or eating fresh produce is to blend a combination of a few different fruits and vegetables and blend them in a blender. You don’t lose any health benefits and you can make many great different varieties of blended smoothies. We have found that the most convenient blender for making smoothies is the NutriBullet Pro -13-piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System (900 watts). The reason why we like this blender is because it is super-fast to use, clean and is compact in size. We have used other blenders that have been recommended to us, and we liked them, but nothing beats the ease of the NutriBullet. It comes with two single serving sized cups and you are able to order more if you feel you need more than two. Being so small, we are able to keep it on the counter. It takes up less space than my coffee machine. We also chose the Pro option because it is 900 watts and you are able to put frozen foods in it.

So, overall, it is highly important to be sure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, and it does not really matter which way you go about it. It would most likely be the most beneficially to incorporate all three ways. When you change things up it makes it easier to not get bored of just one way, while reaping the benefits that each option brings to your health.